Monday, 10 November 2014

Too happy for a Monday...

Monday is enough to fill anyone with dread, especially when your morning begins with a fun-filled kamikaze race, going snail pace on the M4 due to a lorry fire. Speaking of lorries, why does lorry 1 (speed: 50.00001mph) find it worthwhile to overtake lorry 2 (speed: 50mph) on a dual carriageway? Highly frustrating. Any lorry drivers out there, holla, and do explain.

But there's something about a sunny yet crisp Monday morning which makes it hard to be miserable, and how angry can you really be at the world when you have Michael Bublé's Christmas album to keep you company on your slow crawl to work? It's never too early.

It may be November, but I am genuinely the biggest child when it comes to Christmas. It's the only thing that keeps me going through the winter months until I am back basking in the warm sun.

Until then, like a true bear, I get my warmth through hibernation and cups of tea. If I do brave the cold, I have the excitement of choosing which coat, scarf and fur to wear (fake, of course). Maybe I lied, Christmas isn't the only positive, as autumn to winter fashion is my favourite. You can layer to your heart's content and hide from the cold, cold world.

Here are some pictures that have inspired me this morning on Pinterest, to toast up your insides...

Credits: Pinterest

Have a holly, jolly Monday!


  1. Lovely post! To be honest, I've never really hated Mondays.

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  2. Hello Becca, what a lovely post indeed! Definitely put a smile on my face :) Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for The Liebster Award! Can't wait to read your post ;D

    Grace x

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