Monday, 6 April 2015

Spring Has Sprung

I'm not sure about you but I genuinely feel a sense of pride when I make it through the winter months. I was not born to live in the cold (apparently it's not socially acceptable to bring blankets and slippers to work). 

Getting to spring is no mean feat - well done Becca, we did it - this is how we must celebrate: 

a) I am justified in revamping my wardrobe (always one of my favourite pastimes) 
b) I can spring up my house with flowers in every crevasse
c) I must photograph every little thing - my iPhone photo album is growing by the hundreds - daily.

I love nothing more than a walk along the river at this time of year and when you've just bought a new trench coat how could you not want to take it out for a spin to enjoy the (rare) sunshine? Over this Easter weekend I visited Hampton Court Palace gardens and annoyed everybody by walking especially slowly to photograph every flower in sight. Yellow is my favourite colour and it is everywhere... so this makes me happy.


This was just a selection of my many, many photos.

Links to all things worn are below!

Trench: [x]  -  Pendants: [x][x]  -  Top: [x]  -  Sunglasses: [x]  -  Dress: [x]


  1. Love your coat, it's gorgeous!!! As are all the flowers, they're definitely one of my favorite parts of spring :)

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  2. Amazing post dear!